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Investigative Searches
Our investigative searches are conducted by licensed investigators with years of experience.  We treat every case with the highest priority.  We have made it easy and convenient for you to get the information needed by ordering your report directly.  Once ordered, an investigator will begin working your case asap and contact you to discuss your case and determine your best options.  Also, we will be with you every step of the way, so feel free to contact your investigator anytime you have questions.  
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Person with Asset
This is our most popular report as it provides the best and most accurate information on the individual. This report is a necessity in the early stages of a case, as it may provide the intelligence needed to determine the direction of the case. This report includes alias's, addresses, relatives, phone numbers, liens, judgements, social media handles, licenses, criminal history, and much more.
Includes additional  Asset Search, which may include: properties, businesses, vehicles, boats, planes, lost/hidden/unclaimed funds, retirement, etc. (doesn't include banking info) 
Business Search
The business report involves extensive intelligence gathering on a specific business.  The information in this report may include business owners, partnerships, civil/criminal cases, complaints, associated businesses, assets, etc.
Locate Search
The locate search is best used for locating addresses, phone numbers, and emails for clients-witnesses-relatives and more.  Often conducted prior to hearings, billing, and process services.
Results may vary depending on many factors which include the subject information, lack of information, state for which information is obtained, etc.  Reports are not limited to individual persons and may be requested for businesses as well.
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